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Weigh in Wednesday on Friday

Weighingsqueekie Getting back on track - back down to 178 today and I have exercised every day this week. I rule!

Another way I rule? Since I've changed my eating habits by reducing a lot of fatty foods and really getting a lot of high fiber into my meals, my cholesterol has gone down 20 points since last year. I was at 202 and now am at 182. That is a great bonus!

And while I've enjoyed life in the 180-size-12 zone, I'm over it. For a while I felt "skinny" compared to being 197 like I was at Christmas. But now I'm feeling not so skinny anymore. I am motivated to get solidly into the mid-170's and keep that scale going down.

More importantly -- my hair is getting longer and longer and the summer is getting hotter and hotter. I want to cut my hair! But no can do until I hit and stay at 167 (or less). The hair is a big motivator as it takes time to blow dry and blowing hot air at your head for 20 minutes on a warm summer morning is not fun. Mostly I avoid that by leaving it wavy, but it doesn't look quite as nice...

More than halfway to my goal, but no giving up now. 

Right Squeakie?? (See, he has short hair, lucky guy.)