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Weigh in Wednesday on Friday

Piggyonscale Good Morning! My last official weigh in (about 3 weeks ago) was at 178. After a week on Maui and a nice relaxing 4th of July weekend, I had been back up to 181. (Not bad for eating all that Maui comfort food!) 

Today I am back to 179, good for me!

I have been enjoying my new life here in 180 and size 12 land. I have new jeans to wear, cute skirts have been pulled from the back of the closet, I look better, I feel better, life is good! Yet I can't linger here too long. I have a destination. That destination is 167 and I need to get moving if I'm going to buy and wear a bikini this summer.  

Once I get to 167, I can linger there for a while as it's been YEARS since I've been there. After that, there will be a new goal. But for now, I'm continuing on my way to the original goal of losing 25 pounds.

Notice Mr. Oinkers expression there. Like me, he's impatient with the number and ready to get back on track. Squeal!