Weigh in Wednesday on Friday
Weigh in Wednesday on Friday

Wild Kingdom In West LA

Smokey is our part time neighborhood cat. He has no collar but seems well fed and clean so we assume he belongs to someone nearby. He does spend time sunbathing in our yard some mornings and uses our fence as an easement to other places. Sometimes he let's me pet him, but not often. I have no idea what his name is, I just started calling him Smokey. I mean, look at the pictures, wouldn't you think "Smokey"? (Kurt teases me for naming cats obvious things.)

All that is prologue to today when I caught Smokey out of the corner of my eye along the fence through one of my office windows. I turned idly to watch him continue on his way at the 2nd window and saw that he had a dead mouse in his jaws. The Supreme Predator at work!!

I thought he would keep going, but instead he hopped down to the ground below my window and began to do what cats do: play with their food...



 ...then scarf it down. Mmmmm!


I don't know why it made me laugh, but I appreciate that Smokey likes our backyard enough to enjoy his well earned lunch.

Good boy Smokey!


Smokey is a good neighbor. Once he was done eating (I didn't watch that part), he left not a trace of anything in his picnic ground.

Where is Marlin Perkins or Jim Fowler when you need them?