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Weigh in Wednesday

Getting Itchy

My niece and nephew recently moved out of the house they grew up in, both moving on to life in their 20's. My nephew (20) moved into a friend's house and my niece (22) is living with two girlfriends in a three bedroom apartment. When my niece moved she was so excited about setting up her new spot. I was excited too! 

I love moving. I love going to a new place, a blank slate, and organizing where things go. Buying stuff at Target and Bed Bath and Beyond -- bath towels, dish-racks, drawer organizers, small shelves, throw rugs, accent pillows, etc etc. FUN! I haven't moved in 12 years and it got me itching. Not to move (that's not in the cards at this moment) but at least to refresh what we have, spruce the place up. 

The latest Ikea catalogue came in the mail the other day and I'm treating it like a magazine I've been dying to read. We don't need a thing. But I want want want want new stuff! So American. So consumer. YES! That's me and I freely admit it.  Ikea  

The other reason I'm feeling itchy is because we are in wait mode for little Billie Joe Padma Frey to come along. This does give me good reason to at least keep clearing out what is here to make room for the wee one to come. And once there is a wee one, going to Ikea and Target and BB&B will be warranted, but not until then. Can't put the crib before the birthmother. I'm already visualizing where the baby furniture will go in this room ("this room" being my office). I just can't visualize where my office will go. That's going to be a tough one.

Maybe just to sate my appetite in a small way I can head down to Ikea, give myself a $40 budget, go nuts in the marketplace area (candles, kitchen utensils, lamps) and then just look at the more pricey stuff for when we have more income/space/wherewithal. That might help. Might not...For now I'll try not to drool too much on the catalog in between clearing.