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Weigh in Wednesday

Weigh in Wednesday

Penguin2 Today I weighed in at 175, down 1.5 pounds from two weeks ago. I'm feeling great and will keep this momentum going! That makes 17 pounds since I started officially keeping track. 8 more pounds to lose to get to the 25 off goal. Woot! 

We are going back to Hawaii in early October for a few days -- my great aunt is turning 90 -- and I am going to BUY A BIKINI AND WEAR IT! I might even show you a picture...

I'm very pleased about my progress, it's been slow and steady, which makes me feel very good about keeping it off for a long time. 

We went to a presentation about Alzheimer's (the 10 warning signs) and the most important thing I took away from it was -- stay fit. Staying active, keeping your heart healthy, keeping your cholesterol down, all these things also keep your brain healthy. Mental exercise is good, but excellent physical condition is better. My dad had Alzheimer's so that means I could get it too. This makes me even more determined to take this weight off, then take more off, and keep fit. 

Who is with me?!

Let's go Mr. Penguin!