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HoopTastic Reward!

Weigh in Wednesday

SnowleopardI was nervous getting on the scale today. In my plan for August, that number needed to read 176. AND IT DID! That makes over 15 pounds lost on my official program and about 20 since Christmas. I am pleased and proud.

I have multiple goals for August, writing being a big one and continuing the weight loss being another big one. My weight loss goal is to be at 172 by September 1st. Mom and I are both working toward specific numbers for that date and supporting each other in email.

Losing weight in summer is a bit easier in some ways. When it's hot, I find I don't want to eat heavier foods (or cook for that matter). This week I made a big batch of gazpacho - basically a mix of finely chopped veggies and a touch of olive oil and vinegar. Uber healthy, uber refreshing and I can eat a big bowl of it and feel great. 

I've been slowly and steadily losing the weight since March and have not felt deprived at all. I've had plenty of pizza and ice cream along the way, plenty of lattes and fraps too. It's just about not indulging every food whim every time I have one. Yesterday I was driving home from a meeting in Hollywood at lunch time and I wanted to stop at Versailles and get garlic chicken, rice and beans. But I reminded myself that I needed to hit 176 today and that Versailles is not going anywhere. So I drove home and had a large yummy salad with tomatoes from our garden and a bit of mozzarella cheese. I was very satisfied. I'm even more satisfied now!

I've been considering my rewards for this 15 pound milestone and have decided on two things: a massage (I'm looking at you, Kjrstin!) and a work-out hula hoop from SportEve. I might go get that hoop today!

Want to play hula hoop with me, little Snow Leopard?