Painters - Day 2

2010 Goals Check In

3holepunch One of my biggest goals for the year was to write with purpose. It's one thing to write a script, futz around with it, start, stop, put it in a drawer, take it out of the drawer, put it back, then move on. I have two scripts like that. It's another thing to write a script with the specific purpose of getting it out there to someone who might actually want to do something with it. And by "do something with it" I mean option it or buy it or develop it or even just refer me to someone who might want to do any of those things.

2010 is about getting my work OUT THERE. It can't just live in my office. 

First though -- getting the script written. Well lo and behold, I have my much much much improved 2nd draft of it done this week and am quite proud of myself. Now I will begin the process of getting it out there. 

There is another writing project that I've been working on in a group and that is coming to a turning point that fits into some of my goals. I'll keep it vague for now. Stay tuned.

As for the volunteerism, I have done a small bit more, but this summer was not so good in that department. I answered phones at KCRW again in August for three mornings, so that was a good six hours all together. It's been over a year since I got my last tattoo so I can now donate platelets again. Tomorrow I'll be going in at 10 and hopefully my iron levels are solid so I can actually donate! This may be my go-to volunteer ism for the rest of the year. It's close by and almost effortless. I'm also helping out Kim Tracy Prince with her work with Help A Mother Out and now that I'm done with my script, I can focus back on that again. More on that in a later blog post.

Weight loss and fitness? Coming along well, though slowly and steadily. 

Adoption? Yes. Just waiting. (Also more on that in a separate post.)

Life is good, goals are being accomplished. I am very pleased and proud of my progress this year!