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Belated Weigh in Wednesday

Noel 6 wk weigh-in-thumb-400x435 Yesterday I barely squeaked into 174 land. Today I'm on the low end of 175. So I'm getting down toward my goal. The weight has not been flying off and I'm focused on these next two weeks to get and stay well below 174.

My goal, remember, is 167. I didn't give myself a time limit on it, other than the vague "end of the year" plan. I will make it before then for sure. I'm feeling very neutral about it all, wanting to get down there, but not actually working super hard to make it happen faster. Silver lining is it's better for my overall health in the long run to do it slowly. Right? RIGHT? Ahem.

Last weekend was a tough one. Much sadness and angst which became much ice cream, pie and pizza. Hi, I'm Julia and I'm a comfort eater. But I woke up Monday morning and said enough now, let's get back on track. All I can do is move ahead.

So far this week I've stayed on my WW numbers plan and will be quite strict about it as I want next Wednesday's number to be 173 (or less). Totally doable. The fridge is stuffed with lots of fruits and veggies, ready for my devouring.

Forward, little kitty, ever forward.