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Goals Update Addendum - Goal Achieved!

When I wrote this earlier post, there was another major goal about to come into fruition. I was very vague about it as I wanted to achieve the goal THEN talk about it. With something like weight loss, I prefer to talk about it ahead of time because then I am accountable to walk my talk. That is a much more straightforward thing.

This other goal I was so mum about? It was this: In 2010 I would pitch (as part of a team) our tv show idea to a major producer or production company. This past Tuesday, we did just that. And it went really well for a bunch of first time tv show pitchers! They are interested in talking more and we will follow up next week. 

That is as specific as I'm going to get because, yes, I achieved the goal and now can talk about it, but that one goal was merely the threshold to a whole new set of goals that need to be achieved. New goals involve developing the additional "notions" we've bounced around when we were sick of talking about the original project. Once developed, we'll need to pitch those as well. (And don't worry, if something significant happens, I'll let you know loud and clear!)

Most of all, I am really proud of myself for staying committed, working with a great team and following through. While I wasn't the front person on the pitch, we all contributed to the conversation and I'm stoked that I made, what I thought, was a very good off the cuff comment. I was floating around the house when we got back and loved that feeling. Wednesday morning I got up early to keep working.

More vague goal reports to come!