2010 Goals Check In
Painters Day 3 and 4

Painters - Day 2

As the crew has been prepping, they also painted a swatch for us to get a visual.

Here are a bunch of different colors. We have decided that we love the dark green wall (Dried Chive), we like the left side red accent (Deep Crimson) and we like the right side trim color (Distant Mountain). The trim is very pale green, hard to see in this very blown out picture, but you'll see it all done soon...



The is the front window that needed the most work done. (Click for bigger if you are so inclined.) See the crack in the lower corner of the pane second from the top? Our guy is going to replace that whole pane. For no extra charge. 


Here's the underneath of the front porch. It was so awful and peeling and sad, soon it will be so happy and refreshed!