Selling Yourself As A Parent
A Year Ago Today

Self Reflection

(It's a blog, isn't that what every post is about?)

Seth Godin's email today was this:


Two shores of the same river, either can get you into a lot of trouble.

Self-delusion is lying to yourself about how good you are. You might think you're a world class designer or actor or chef or administrator or problem solver, but you might be merely well-intentioned, hard-working and pretty good. Which is fine, but pretty good is hardly remarkable. Telling yourself the truth about what you've got to market is the first step to marketing with success.


Self-loathing is lying to yourself about how bad you are. You might think you've got nothing to add, that you're a lame designer or actor or chef or administrator or problem solver, but you probably have the potential to be great. Awe-inspiringly great ...if you're willing to do the work, make the sacrifices and stop undercutting yourself. Supporting yourself with the truth about what you could market is the second step to marketing with success.

1ecd5_goalsIt's only Tuesday and I've suffered a bit of both already this week, though more the second than the first. We are in a strange waiting room, waiting for many babies to be born-actual babies and creative babies. Moving forward while still waiting waiting waiting is challenging. Some days I overdo the bravado and am slammed back to reality with excellent notes from Kurt on something I've written, or news that we didn't get chosen by a birth parent.  Some days I overdo the misery and then fall into the predictable routine of eating too much as a way of "feeling better." Ha.

I've achieved some good goals that I set for myself this year. But I recently read a quote (can't find it now) that said something like "if you achieve a goal, it must not have been big enough to begin with." (I've mangled it, but you get the drift.) I appreciate this idea so much because while I thought my goal was pretty huge (Pitch a tv show to a major producer/production company) now that I've done it, it doesn't feel big at all. It feels only like the first mile in a marathon. I need to set a goal equivalent to the 13.1 mile mark then the 26.2 after that. And then an ultramarathon after that. This is what I'm working on this week: higher marks to hit.

My first goal is to set the goals without the self delusion and the self loathing.

Wish me luck.