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Swedish Fish and Kahala Mall

Swedish-fishKurt ran out for a quick errand and I asked if he was going to get any candy. Not that I need any candy, but there it was. Then I said, "No, don't, I don't need it!" Well, he came back with my #1 all time favorite candy: Swedish Fish. I was so pleased that he remembered! I rarely get these at all, unless we are at Ikea.

Smiling and chewing on my candy fish I said, "These have been my favorite since I can ever remember." and that got me thinking to when I first remember having them. That would have been at Kahala Mall at the Nut House. Remember? It was just across from Hickory Farms.

You could buy nuts and candies and swedish fish by the pound. And back then if you only had a quarter, it bought you a good bunch of Swedish fish for those last couple of blocks home.

Libertyhouse-smThinking of Kahala Mall like made many things came flooding back. Liberty House for one. That was the main department store in Hawaii and was fairly upscale. But not as upscale as I. Magnin (I'm pretty sure it was I and not J at Kahala Mall...) But LH was where mom would shop and where later, on Maui, I would get most of my new school clothes every year. I remember buying A LOT of MAC makeup in the Kahala Mall Liberty House one summer when I was visiting friends in Honolulu during high school. So fancy.

Across from LH was Long's Drugs and Woolworth's. I think I shoplifted some lip gloss from there once. It was very exciting and terrifying and that was about the extent of my criminal career. (I was eight.) Woolworth's had ice cream and sometimes I would opt for an ice cream come over the swedish fish.

KahalaMallcarpetFunny how the carpet pattern was one of the first things to float up in my memory. When I googled "Kahala Mall" there were pictures of it! I'm so pleased they still have that pattern. Not sure why, I guess I'm glad that since practically the entire place is so different, one thing has stayed the same. (I had to borrow someone's kid's picture, then cropped it for the important part!)

Now, help me out here. (I'm looking at you, Betsy and Mom) When you were at Hickory Farms and then exited the mall toward the Yum Yum Tree (I'll get to that in a minute) there was another store on the right, was it Foodland or something? All I remember about it was that someone bought some Dr. Scholl's there and I was jealous. Probably Jen. I think she also bought one of those Dymo label makers and I really wanted one too. But what was that store?

The Yum Yum Tree. That was the go to restaurant when it was time for Dad to spend quality time with me. I think it was a nice burger/salad type place, all I really remember were the hot fudge sundaes and how I could usually order one when Dad took me out.

FarrellsTrough More important than the Yum Yum Tree was Farrell's. That was the go to place for birthday parties and when a jawbreaker was on the docket instead of swedish fish or ice cream. (holy cow, I sure mapped out my junk food route as a child...) There was the trough, though I never did "make a pig of myself" and there was the Zoo with all the drums and sirens and bells. AWESOME when you turn six or seven or eight! I discovered there are only four Farrell's open at all anymore and two are on Oahu! Amazing. (Warning - the site has music that comes on instantly when you click the link...)


I have been to Kahala Mall in the last ten years and it's still small and local in a lot of ways, but way more fancy. Now there is a movie theater and an Apple Store and a Whole Foods (did it replace the Times Supermarket in the back?) and even an outpost of The Counter! That's our favorite burger places here in LA.

Next time we're on Oahu, I might have to go back and take pictures of the carpet for myself.

Thanks for the Swedish fish and the walk down memory lane, honey.