Weigh in Wednesday
Weigh in Wednesday -- Sigh

...And A Bag Of Chips!

Digging through some papers yesterday, this photo popped out at me. Awesome! This was 1997 or 1998 and a gang of us went to Las Vegas and decided that one of the nights we were there we would dress up as cheesy as possible. We all went shopping at Jetrag and other similar stores and found outrageous outfits. When I spotted this dress, and it fit, I knew I was golden. The shoes, well, not so great, but cheap and LOUD.

But the hair. Oh the hair. That hairdo cost me $50 and it was well worth it. The hair looked fabulous (oh I'll be the first one to say so) and it DID NOT MOVE all night. And by all night I mean a good 14 hours from the time I walked out of the hotel salon. Then it brushed out easily the next day and still looked awesome. 

When the six of us were in our full regalia, we turned heads while walking through the casinos. Someone asked us if we were a band! Highest compliment, really. At one point we took over a blackjack table (only six seats) and people came to hang out and watch us play. What a blast!

If I could do my own hair like that easily every day, I would.  (Key word there is "easily.")

Viva Las Vegas!