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Weigh in Wednesday

Around The House On Maui

We arrived yesterday to overcast skies and cool temperatures - what a refreshing change from LA!


In the car at the airport Kurt was greeted by 12 of his best friends - the Malasadas! 


We were also greeted to these treats in our guest room. The aforementioned favorite candy and the yummy smell of tuberose.


Later, I noticed out the window of my mom's kitchen this little garden spider (not sure what kind it is). Clearly he is eating well! Notice the carcasses he has stashed around. (circled here and you can click it for a bigger image.)

The big event today is that the tree trimmer is here. The coconut trees need cleaning up a couple of times a year and watching this guy work is pretty exciting. He climbs up with his huge machete and goes at it, giant fronds thumping to the ground.



All is well on Maui...