Around The House On Maui
...And A Bag Of Chips!

Weigh in Wednesday

Giant-dog-being-weighed-on-a-scale-peer-review-outstanding-stand-out-heavyThe number is 175 today. Much better than last week's 179. Hooray for trips to Maui but holy crap I can't seem to control my eating when I'm home. Plus lots of comfort eating after some stressful times last week with the parental generation.

I'm back on track, getting back toward my low of 174 and flying toward the 167 goal. My hair is getting long and I'm getting tired of dealing with it! A change up will be nice when I hit my mark.

I also haven't been exercising much as I pulled a muscle in my calf a few weeks ago and just couldn't risk further injury. Just couldn't! ; - ) But this week will involve more exercise.

The nice thing is, when I got to this 175 neighborhood, I really enjoyed feeling smaller than I have been for the last few years. But now that I've been here for a month or more without further weight loss, I'm feeling quite squishy and chubby again. This is good as it makes me want to not feel that way! Further motivation...

I want to be the big dog. I just don't want to be the BIG dog.