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Today's Inspiration

Seth Godin's recent email struck a nerve:

"We are surrounded by people busy getting their ducks in a row, waiting for just the right moment...

Getting your ducks in a row is a fine thing to do. But deciding what you are going to do with that duck is a far more important issue."

Watcha Gonna Do With That Duck?


Weigh in Wednesday


Weighed in at 176 today, down from two weeks ago but up slightly from last week. I'm aware of the amount of eating I've done as I have a colleague in from out of town and Halloween didn't help (though I limited my candy eating to the day itself and a couple more on Monday.)

A year ago this month I weighed 186. Progress is progress. But now that the holidays are upon us, my focus must be clearer. Luckily Thanksgiving is a minor eating day for us (we might do a restaurant with Kurt's mom which means no leftovers). But Christmas, most likely in Seattle, will be challenging. 

So I have to get going now. I must be committed to my self and my good health goal!