Tree Trimming And Maintenance 2010
"I'd Rather Be Petting A Yak" -- UPDATED!

Excellent Dream Last Night With Julia


I'll start with the reality of what was going on yesterday: I finished a very rough draft version of our tv pilot script and gave it to Kurt to read, then I went to a meeting and I almost asked Kurt to text me when he was done because I really hoped he liked it. (Even though it needs work.) But I felt silly so I didn't ask him. Two hours later as I was leaving the meeting, he did text me saying "Nice job on the script!" It made me feel soooooo good!

So that was reality.

In my dream I was walking out of a hotel and in the lobby or right on the street was a bakery with the most beautiful pastries and food. I walked right by it and Julia Roberts was there choosing something yummy. I think maybe we were working on the same movie in this dream because she caught my eye and I felt bold enough to say something like, "those pastries are unfair!" She laughed and then started walking with me down the street and we started chatting. Mind you I was quite pleased about this in general. We talked really easily and comfortably for a while and somehow conversation got around to the fact that I was really focusing on writing and how much I loved it. She asked more about it and I said I had written a feature, was finishing a pilot script and there was a mini-series to come (all true in real life). She said, "I would really like to read your scripts." In my mind I'm thinking "Uh huh, that's very sweet of you to say..." But then I actually said out loud to her, "You would?" and she kept saying yes. I said, "Why don't I send you the short overviews for both instead." She said, "No, I want to read the scripts." I put my hand on my heart and told her that I was really pleased and stunned and happy. I was then trying to figure out A) if there were any parts for her in any of the projects (no) and B) how to get around to the fact that what I need most is an agent. But the dream never got that far.

That was it. But when I woke up this morning I was so pleased. My inner Julia Roberts (because of course I was talking to an aspect of myself in my dream) really really liked me and my writing. Hooray!