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Tree Trimming And Maintenance 2010

Joys of home ownership -- must trim those trees every year or so. The cool damp summer made our ficus grow like mad.

Here's how it was early this morning, taking up a big chunk of our yard:


Now here it is after. Ahhhhhh:


The other ficus we didn't want at all anymore - here's how it was before:


And now after, or should I say, GONE:


There's a window in that back wall of the garage/office and it must be so much brighter in there now.

It's not cheap but it's necessary and plus it feels like our backyard is ten times larger! The front tree was trimmed up quite a bit as well, but I didn't get a chance for the befores/afters this morning. Take my word or come visit...

(And wow, so glad I'm getting a new camera for Christmas.)