Today's Yak
Today's Yak

Game of Thrones Mini Moot!

So there I was in Seattle and after almost a year of being twitter and FB friends with Paul and daughter Betty, we got to meet in person! Hooray!! (That makes US mini-moot #2 after having met Axechucker last summer.)


We spent the cold morning having coffee and yummy pastries at a local spot near their house, then went across the street to a park so Betty could swing in the swings and jump in the mud puddles. We talked about writing and movies and tv and books and all that stuff that makes us happy. 

Again, I just love the internets for all the new friends you can make without hardly trying! And while I was slightly popular with the Game Of Thrones gang while I was working on the project, that star is fading. But the friendships never will.

Thanks Paul and Betty for a great afternoon!