Status Alert Level Again At HIGH

New Year Book Stack: Update!

So a month ago it looked like this:


And I blogged about it.

Suddenly I turn around and as of today it looks like this!


The books simply seem to multiply like rabbits!! Leave them alone in a dark room for a couple of  weeks and whamo - more books! Okay okay, to be honest, I know what happened. After reading my previous blog post, my  mom sent me (surprise!) the two books I wanted to get (Franklin and Eleanor and Diviner's Tale. Thanks Mom!) The Patton Oswalt book was a gift for my birthday. (Thanks Tom!) The top two on that stack are a little harder to explain. And by explain I mean excuse. Mom and I were talking about Hawaii stories, books, movies, etc and told me that George Clooney had been there to shoot a movie based on a book called The Descendants. So I thought I'd read is as RESEARCH (no really) because there is a tv show or mini-series idea I have that takes place in Hawaii and I want to see what's out there being made...The Paul Theroux book is there because it was in my cart on Amazon and if I bought it (along with a third book that hasn't come yet) I would get free shipping. So yeah, free shipping is always better, right??

Getting an e-reader of any kind is going to be tough for me (and probably won't happen for a long long while - no mom, DO NOT buy me one!) Finding more space in our 950 square foot house for all these books is also going to be tough, but that is a challenge I am looking forward to solving.

I have finished two books -- Russel Brand's Booky Wook 2 and Anthony Bourdain's Medium Raw. They are similar in that both writers are loud, opinionated and passionate about themselves and their careers. I love them both for that and more power to them. I'm finishing up the Vanity Fair with Beiber on the cover and will probably start my RESEARCH by reading The Descendants. Looking forward to it.

Oh and Russell is in a remake of "Arthur" (a movie I also love) and I'm really looking forward to seeing it. He's perfect for the part and OMG Helen Mirren as Hobson??? Oh yeah. Here's the trailer. (Sorry for the ad up front...)