Tsunami in Spreckelsville on Maui
Today's Yak (3/19/11)

As Good As My Word -- Earthquake Kit Updated

After today's horrific earthquake we were moved to update our earthquake kit. (It was on the to-do list and now it's to-done.) It didn't need a full redo but some of the cans of food were expired, we needed new water and batteries and a few other bits and bobs.

We have two boxes. The main one seen here that holds mostly non-perishable items like batteries, first aid kits, gloves, tools, flashlights, cooking utensils, toiletries, towels, feminine hygiene products, rope and tarp, radio and most importantly - pencils, paper, decks of cards, a bag of green army men and a little University of Texas football game (Hook 'em Horns!). If we are sitting in rubble for days, there has to be stuff to keep us occupied between beheading zombies.


The second box has the canned food in it -- mostly beans, chili, spagetti-os, canned fruit and veggies and Spam. Oh yeah! We have three different kinds of Spam - regular, lite and turkey Spam. We have to make ourselves laugh while eating amongst rubble.


We also have a corkscrew (when we rescue wine from the house) along with instant coffee and hot chocolate. We must be civilized.

There is cat food and a small litter box with litter and water for the two of us and the two cats. We bought three cases of bottled water -- I'm not sure how else to buy water for this. The larger jugs have leaked before and it seems hygenic to have separate bottles in an emergency situation. Anyone have an alternative?

Have you made a kit? What are you waiting for? At least put a stash with a flashlight, radio, first aid kit and water somewhere and remember the pets! We will be happy to share, but three cans of spam only go so far.