Today's Yak (2/19/11)
Great Women - Old Friends And New

On The Bookshelf

TheDescendantsReading Reading Reading! I'm working my way through the bookstack pretty well. The Descendants (by Kaui Hart Hemmings) was a pretty quick read. I was drawn to it as it takes place in Hawaii and is first about a local family going through a medical emergency (the mom was in a boating accident) and is second about family history and hertige and honoring that. It was entertaining and I certainly look forward to seeing the movie with George Clooney (coming soon to a theater near you).


The diviners tale

I next read The Diviner's Tale (by Bradford Morrow). I believe I read about the book in Entertainment Weekly. The author describes his book in one sentence:

"Cassandra Brooks, the first woman diviner in a long lineage of patriarchs who practiced the craft, comes upon a hanged girl in a lonely forest in upstate New York while dowsing water for a developer, and in doing so inadvertently opens up a Pandora’s box of past secrets that threaten her very existence."

It's a small, gentle mystery story about family, family history and heritage. (Hmmm, funny how there's a theme there without even trying.)

I highly recommend both as easy reads. And by "easy" I'm not belittling or lessening the work. Sometimes you just want a nice story to curl up with and both of these fit the bill.

Franklin-and-eleanor After finishing the Diviner's Tale, I moved on to Franklin and Eleanor: An Extraordinary Marriage (by Hazel Rowley). I'm about 1/4 of the way through and reading about these incredibly famous people on such a personal level is refreshing. I look forward to finding out how Eleanor comes into her own as currently she's 10 years married having had six children already (!!) and has to put up with a mother in law who not only controls the family money but lives with them and has input on everything. Youch.

That's my "just for fun" reading. I'm also starting two additional books. One is purely for research on the Hawaii project I'm going to write a pitch for and the other is an insprirational book. There is a one-time-only book club at the end of March to discuss the inspirational one. Looking forward to that.

What have you been reading lately?