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Bee Swarm Day 2

A Game of Thrones Thing I *Can* Blog About

After working on the original pilot in the fall of 2009 through spring of 2010 and not-really-blogging about it specifically, it's fun to just be a fan. Especially since 99% of what I worked on doesn't even exist in the new first episode/pilot due to recasting and reshooting after the show got a green light. My "fame" has now faded and I'm just another gal in line for the food truck.

HBO is doing a great food tie-in for Game Of Thrones. Tom Colicchio is creating menus from locations in the books and then serves the food (FREE!) out of trucks in NYC (last week) and Los Angeles (this week). Kurt and I went to today's location at Wilshire and Hauser and waited in line to get the grub.


The line moved quickly and the food was FANTASTIC! Seriously, that Colicchio guy knows what he's doing.

I opted for the sweet corn fritter and Kurt got the squab with black bread pudding. We both got the lemon cake dessert. I could have eaten seven more of all of it. The black bread pudding was especially savory and yummy and mmmm.


My camera's auto focus was drooling over Kurt's food and got a bit wonky.


The view as we left.


I'm probably going to track down the truck again on Thursday. Even if you have no idea about Game of Thrones, just go for the free delicious Tom Colicchio food!

You can see a bit more detail from Tom C himself about what we ate today: