Bee Swarm Day 2
Speaking Of Adoption

Adios Bee Swarm

After two days, it didn't look like the bees were going anywhere and I wanted to make sure they found a good home. I called a live bee catcher and he promised and assured me that the bees would go to either an avocado ranch or an orange grove and they would have their own hive.

I video taped the very low-tech procedure. The Bee Man had short sleeves on and didn't get stung. He said bees who are swarming are not very aggressive.

Of course there were some bees who didn't make it into the bee box with the queen and they are flying around like crazy. The Bee Man said they will make their way back to their original hive (and hopefully won't be mocked for crawling back home.) Bee Man also said there were about 1000 bees. Small swarm.

So long bees! Happy to have helped with your new hiving!