Today's Yak (3/19/11)
A Game of Thrones Thing I *Can* Blog About

Bee Swarm

Our neighbor called to tell us that a swarm of bees took up in our front tree. We looked out and lo and behold, there they were all snuggling up together for a good night sleep.


We are not concerned. I somehow remembered (in the brain that retains all random things) that when bees do this, it's only for a day or two at the most. So I looked it up and sure enough, they are just moving hives and while they chill out here, the scouts are out looking for a new spot to move into. Apparently the bees are full and happy and not really defensive unless you go and provoke them.

I hope they get a good rest and find their new home soon. You are welcome to our branch as long as you need it, bees!  (Anyone know of any spirit guide significance to a bee swarm?)