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19 Week Sonogram

We had our 19 week sonogram last Tuesday and got a few snapshots of the Sweet Potato. As I said on Facebook: A little hard to see, but the reason I'm posting this picture (as opposed to my usual "just google sonogram 19 weeks") is because in this picture Sweet Potato has her hand in front of her eyes. Just like her big sister Bunny (our cat) does when she sleeps. I think it's important for siblings to look alike. And both Bunny and Sweet Potato do not have tails.

Sweet Potato is also healthy and normal and looks just great. Also, it turns out, we already know she has Kurt's toes. Kurt has what is called "Morton's Toe" (2nd toe longer than big toe) and so does Sweet Potato. That made us smile. Now we'll just have to wait and see if SP has what is known in my family as "Rivas Big Toe." My dad and my two older sisters and I all have the same shaped big toe. We'll let you know in November!