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Making Room

I've already bought maternity clothes, so I've made room there. But my office, which will eventually become a combo office/nursing/changing station, needed work. So I cleaned out a bunch of drawers and Kurt did a lot of heavy lifting and my office is now almost ready to to become something new.

Here it was before:


So full of stuff! Mostly bits of leftover furniture.

Now here it is after:

Ahhhh, space.

There is still much to be done. The bookshelf in the front left foreground needs work. I'm going to go through and pull books out that need to move on to other homes and then decide where this shelf will go. Can I make room for it in here or will it live someplace else? The two bulletin boards will be consolidated into one behind my desk. The map of Italy will remain where it is so I can gaze upon it daily and plan future trips. Our awesome Star Wars Art (click here and here to see what we bought for the room) needs to be framed and hung plus we need to decide on wall colors for the room, more general tidying, etc etc.

Anyway, the idea is that there will be a chair and small table and lamp in the far left corner. Then a changing table along the left wall. Baby will sleep in a basinet in our room at first. So a year from now I will have had to figure out where my office will go as we move wee one into her own room. We aren't buying furniture for a while yet so I have months of wide open space to play with.

The nice thing about Kurt and I is that we agree so well on what we want the baby room to look like. We don't want it to look so much like a baby room. We are looking at sleek modern colors and designs that match the art. As with our wedding, our style is "not fussy".

So much more to come!