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Pregnancy: Exploding Bras

The unexpected adventures of pregnancy.

So yeah, as previously mentioned, one's boobs get larger when you are pregnant. This does not include how much bigger they might get after baby is born and the milk arrives. (Oy I'm going to be huge. I've had a big rack since I was about 12 so this is not as much fun as it might be for some friends who were not so well endowed and enjoyed the temporary curvaceousness.)

Sorry, where was I? Right...

Larger boobs = need new bras.

I had been hanging in with two bras that still fit okay. They were getting a bit snug, but I was hoping they would hang on until about October when I would start looking at nursing bras and nursing tank tops. Good bras of my size are not cheap and to buy bras for only a few months could get costly. But no such luck on waiting.

I was getting dressed the other day and hitching on the bra when I heard a loud and robust SNAP!. Couldn't figure out where it came from so took the bra off and discovered that I had not snapped a strap or elastic or something, but THE UNDERWIRE HAD BROKEN! Criminy.

I mail ordered some bras that same day and await their arrival, hoping against hope that my current bra stays strong at least for a few more weeks.

In other baby news, Sweet Potato has become a gymnast and rolls and tumbles around like a trooper!