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Vintage 80's!

I was cleaning out drawers recently and found a bag of old pins. In high school, I used to wear them on a "previously owned" men's suit coat over jeans and a polo shirt. Good times! (I wouldn't wear them all at once, mind you, just whatever I felt that day.)

My sentimental favorite is the "fuck art, let's dance" pin because I believe I got it from my friend Jai. She was the coolest, most out there chick I ever met. I adored her. She introduced me to tons of music including Adam Ant. She had crazy music I never heard of including a neon pink record by a band called The Fabulous Poodles. The song of theirs that sticks out in my mind was "Tit Photographers Blues." You can listen to a sample here. (Caution, it starts playing automatically.)

I loved Jai.*


*Jai very tragically died in a house fire about eight years ago. I miss her very much.