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Pregnancy: Baby Room And Office

Pregnancy: Of Paint and Strollers and The BELLY

Let's compare.

7-16bumpyat21weeks July at 21 weeks.                                







9-13At29weeks September at 29 weeks.









Definitely more belly there after eight weeks. Imagine what the next eight will bring! I'm now at 30 1/2 weeks, saw the OB yesterday and all is dandy. Grateful grateful grateful! I have gained only 15 pounds in the first 30 weeks and am glad. I'm sure there will be at least another 5-10 to come. I keep walking 3-5 times a week and so my blood pressure (which has always been a healthy low number) is just fabulous.

By the way, you may notice I never use the word "bump" in regard to my belly. It just never appealed to me, not sure why. I guess I like "belly" better as Kurt and I will always make it sound like Fat Bastard in the Austin Powers movie. Kurt will ask, "So how is your BELLY! today?" Or I'll say "ooh she's kicking, come feel my BELLY!!!" We're weird like that. I can picture Sweet Potato's eye rolls even now.

We had my office/the baby room painted this week (along with the bathroom) and it's lovely and fresh and cool and soothing.

NewRoomColorWe won't be moving the other baby furniture in yet as mom is coming to stay for a week and we are using that space for a borrowed guest bed. Once she's gone we will then set up the chest of drawers (which doubles as changing table) and put the lounge/nursing chair in. That's going to be it for a while as half the room is still my office. Bassinet will go in our room for now. Crib to come later. By then we will have figured out where my office goes. My biggest fantasy is to get one of these (either the K5 or the Kpod) and put it in the yard...


We also got our Star Wars art back from the framers!! I'll post pics when they are hung! So excited, they look fabulous.

We've been stroller shopping. Yow. I can honestly say it's harder to find a stroller than a new car. We test drove a variety of strollers from the top-o-the-line to the more main stream. Well, I should clarify, we did not try the absolute top of the line which would be the Silver Cross Balmoral Pram at $4000. (Nanny not included.) I think just having "Balmoral" in the title makes it more expensive. For you stroller shoppers out there, the Balmoral doesn't fold and it weighs 62 pounds. Perfect for an LA mom on the go!

We tried a bunch of different strollers in all price ranges and came down to three. While the Balmoral is the Bentley of strollers, we looked at the Cadillac of strollers, the Bugaboo Cameleon. I have to say, it rolls like a dream! And how could it not with independent suspension and shock absorbers on each wheel?! It looks fab too. We then drove the Acura of strollers, the UppaBaby Vista, also very nice handling and ease of use. (We began to refer to it as the UppityBaby.) Then we drove the Honda of strollers, the Chicco Cortina travel system (as well as the Graco version). All of these strollers are fine, but man you gotta spend hours playing with them, folding them, unfolding them, pushing all the buttons, kicking all the tires and most importantly -- Does it fit in your trunk??

When I told my mom about the stroller shopping and the ones we liked she said, "Oh I'll look up the Bugaboo" and I said, "I'll send you a link to the model." "Model??" "Oh yes, there are more than one Bugaboo/UppaBaby/Graco/Chicco stroller!" It's a wacky baby world out there full of STUFF! And we are going to work hard to keep the stuff under control as A) we really don't need much and B) we really don't have the room (which makes it easy to control the stuff!)

It's a strange new world out there in Baby Land for us!