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Pregnancy: Fruits and Veggies

I don't mean to eat. (Though fruits are still way more palatable to me than veggies these days.) Depending on the books or websites you read when knocked up, fruits and veggies are crucial to describing the size of your growing baby.

A long aside about reading: I found reading too much about pregnancy was not that helpful. When I was pregnant last fall I started to read "What To Expect When You Are Expecting" and found it to be...how should I say...just not at all my style. (Your mileage may vary.) I had a used copy that I promptly gave away when I got pregnant again. With this pregnancy I've only really read the "Pregnancy week by week" on Babble.com. I like the more modern, casual tone. If I have a random question I might search for something online, but most often I find it leads to "OMG THIS HORRIBLE THING HAPPENED TO ME!" and I don't want to read that. Nobody wants to read that. I've avoided most things online and just saved up questions for my OB appointments or have asked my mom friends what they experienced. I'll read the community page on BabyCenter.com for "November Births" to see if anyone is asking advice from the group about things I didn't think of or know of. It is sometimes helpful. Mostly it makes me so very grateful for the calm, happy, loving, supportive homelife I have. The one pregnancy blog I do LOVE LOVE LOVE is Pregnant Chicken. That woman is HI-larious and she swears up a storm. Just my style. (I'm working on curbing the swearing...)

Ttar_butternut_squash_v What was this blog post about again? Oh yeah, the fruits and veggie comparisons! Blueberry

Each pregnancy week's update on Babble would include a visual of some kind of food so that you could easily know how big the wee one is. It starts out with seeds and nuts, then moves to berries and larger fruits. Currently at week 29 Sweet Potato is the size of a Butternut Squash (seen here at left).

Kurt was reading the week by week posts as well and found them somewhat helpful, announcing things like "We are at the blueberry stage!" or "We've now entered the apple stage! But wait, what sized apple???" It could get a bit confusing. Especially when we got to the coconut phase. Having grown up in Hawaii, when Kurt said "Coconut!" I had to ask "with or without the husk?" He was confused. With the husk, that sucker is pretty big! Without it, much smaller. They meant without the husk. Coconut

Later we would get to the lesser used fruits or veggies. We were both stumped at "Rutabaga" since we don't generally eat those. Do you automatically know what size a rutabaga is? If so, we cook from different cookbooks. (Though I did make an awesome root veggie casserole last winter that included rutabagas, thanks Debra!)

When we started on the "food comparison" check in each week, we thought that using sports equipment might be a way to get dads more involved (if they aren't already). You could start out with marbles, work your way up to golf balls, tennis balls, baseballs, etc. It makes a lot of sense to us. But we are stuck with the fruits and veggies for now.

I cheated and looked ahead to next week: CABBAGE!