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Pregnancy: New Skills Before Baby Comes

We have been very fortunate to get some pretty great baby gifts. Three of these involve learning new skills.

1) The Ergo Baby (Thanks Shana and Peter!) - this is the baby carrier you wear and it came highly recommended. Bonus: It was invented by a woman on Maui who then sold it for lots of money (good for her!). The company address is still Maui, which we like. Being someone who likes to be prepared, I figured let's get it out and practice with it before baby comes. But what to use for the stand-in baby? Bunny (our cat) would be about the right weight (7-8 pounds) but might be a bit peeved while we squished her into it. We settled on the other bunny - Hopper, the cute stuffed animal I helped Grace make at Build-A-Bear when she came to visit. Kurt was the guinea pig for the first fitting.

Nailed it!


We are going to rule the aisles at Trader Joe's...what?

2) Car Seat - The Graco Snugride 35 in a dark grey arrived last week (thanks Uncle Glenn, Aunt Joanie and Richard!). We have yet to put the base in the car (and have it double checked by experts) but I wanted to get at it with Hopper to adjust straps and generally get a feel for it. It's like a whole new set of muscles you have to learn to use on the buckles and locks. It's a little challenging using a stuffed animal as you can pull the straps pretty dang tight! I'm sure there will be some fiddling in the hospital before we go home. Hard to know how big or small Sweet Potato will be when she arrives. For now, Hopper was an excellent stand in.


I wonder if they have separate straps for the bunny ears?

3) The Bugaboo Cameleon - the awesome stroller (thanks to the German contingent and Kurt's mom!) takes a bit of getting used to. Again, new muscles to learn as you break it down and then snap it back into place. No photos here simply because it would need to be more like an exercise video. But if you click here and then click the link that says "Watch the Demo" you'll see what we were doing. Well, you'll see how we will look in the not too distant future. We were a bit rougher and stumbly than this nice lady, but we got it. (I'd love to see the outtakes on this...)

All in all we are feeling more and more prepared with the gadgets, or at least getting acclimated to the new "tech" we'll be using from now on. For me it will all be easier when I don't have quite so much belly in the way of the gadgets!