Pregnancy: Let's Check The Stats!
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Pregnancy: Getting Close To The Finish Line

We are now two weeks away from our calendar due date. And aside from a big giant belly, it's funny how I can tell we are close in little ways.

My sense of smell reset to "normal". This happened a little while ago and boy am I glad. Most smells were not a problem, they just were stronger in general: people wearing perfume, (I had to stop wearing any), certain foods, etc. I was only overwhelmed by one smell during these nine months, enough to make a major change. That smell was our previous cat litter brand. I could NOT stand the smell of it! I had no issue with any cat pee or poop smell at all, just the litter itself. I had to hold my breath going into the pantry where the cat box was. Kurt is hero dad-to-be and has been changing the litter this whole time, but I had to ask to change brands. That was a huge help. But now I wonder if that old brand would bug me so much.

Drinking black coffee again most mornings. The taste of coffee was off the table for about seven months. I could have lattes, no problem, as the milk diluted the coffee enough. But just in the last three or four weeks I've started drinking coffee again and it's been okay. I started with creamer and then weaned down to just sugar and have now weaned down to nothing. Amazing. (All of it being decaf, btw, as I switched from regular about two years ago. Funny thing with that switch, I never noticed a difference!)

Red wine tastes good again. Alcohol was another "BLECH!" feeling once I got pregnant. I was surprised at how easy it was not to drink, the idea of the flavor of alcohol was kind of vile for months. But starting at about five months along, I've had a glass of white wine or champagne here and there. Nice in the summer. But red wine or cocktails have still never seemed in any way delicious. I tried a sip of red wine about three months ago. It was a no go -- it just tasted rancid. But more recently I've looked at other people drinking red wine and think, mmmmm, that's going to taste so good! Then this weekend we were at a party and I tasted Kurt's glass of red. YUM! So looking forward to having a glass or two all to myself in the not too distant future.

Lastly, Bunny has a large comfy seat when I'm in bed reading. She'll soon be disappointed, poor kitty.