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December 2011

What's In A Name?

Harper - We both thought it was a sweet name, not overly girly, not so common (though Posh and Becks did name their recent baby Harper...hmmm). We are both huge fans of "To Kill A Mockingbird" which was written by Harper Lee. We are also both big fans of Harpo Marx. He's our favorite Marx Brother! It also means, quite clearly, one who plays the harp.

Murphy - Kurt found this name and we both like it. We considered it as a first name, but decided Harper was a bit better. In Irish, Murphy means "Sea warrior" and that was a nice bonus for me as I love the ocean so much, having grown up so close to it.

Kulia - I wanted to include a Hawaiian name, but nothing too long or confusing for haoles here on the mainland. Mom's friend Vicky, an expert in the Hawaiian language, found this definition: "A young, handsome person desired and sought after, a beauty." It can also mean, "oustanding, fortunate, lucky" and Harper is all those things! (Or wait, I think WE are!) Kulia is also Hawaiian for "Julia" and was the name of a favorite Auntie in our family.

Frey - This is the German word for "Free" spelled (we've been told by native German speakers) in the old way.

There you have it!

Bittersweet Christmas Eve

LilStormpooperHarper is wonderful. That is first and foremost. She is sweet and (OMG) has slept at least 6 hours in a row these past three nights. What a wonderful Christmas gift! I realized though, that we didn't buy her a darn thing. We'll have to find a nice ornament to mark her first Christmas. She is cute and wiggly and amazing which helps during these crazy first few weeks! But we are getting used to the new normal and enjoying so many of the little moments with her. The faces, the finger grabs, the gas.

How come no one told me how cute little baby farts are? Seriously cute.

But all this is tempered by our dear Bunny being on her last legs. It's been a roller coaster of vet visits and trying some different medications to at least make her feel better. She's 18 (almost 19) and has lived a wonderful long life. I've had her for almost 17 years and was so happy when Kurt and I got married that Bunny loved him as much as I did. So now we are watching her day to day, hoping we don't have to make that very tough call too soon. She could be here for a few more months or it could be a few days or a week or two. So hard to know. We don't want her to suffer so finding the right time to say good bye is a brutal decision. We've been blessed by such a wonderful little kitty spirit, no one wants her to go. Sad sad.

Then there is the usual missing of Jen at Christmas -- imagine what she would have bought for Harper! And Jack is gone too and I wish we could be on Maui with Mom.

So our little first Christmas with Harper is low key: poinsettia plant instead of a tree, a smattering of gifts for each other and Kurt's mom (who will join us tomorrow) and lots of kisses for Harper and Bunny. I've lit a few candles, including one that smells like a pine tree, and Kurt has poured us both a glass of wine.

I'm as grateful as ever for all that we have, especially now with Harper.

Merry Christmas all.

Harper and Bunny and Kurt


(Awesome "Stormpooper" hat was a gift from our friend Ron. Thanks again Ron!)


Whew! Harper Arrived Beautifully!

Here's the TL/DR (look it up) version of how it all went down:
Monday 12/5: OB appointment at 41 weeks. All is well but we schedule an induction for the next day. That afternoon I go into labor on my own. 

Tuesday 12/6: We arrive at Cedars at 1:30am. I'm at 6cm and really frakin ready for that epidural. Much respect to natural birth moms. That was not going to be for me. Contractions continue, get the epi, get to 10cm, water broken around 8am, start pushing around 9. After 2 hours it is clear that Harper is not going to turn her head or drop down. She only moved 1-3mm down in two hours of pushing. We decide on C-section so that she does not go into distress. C-sections are weird experiences.

Harper was delivered at 12:52pm on December 6. 8 pounds, 6 ounces, 22" long.

We are well and at home and getting used to this new normal. Sometimes in the wee hours of the morning we feel like we are in a sitcom about new parents. There is lots of laughing amongst the trials of learning new skills (putting clothes and diapers on a squirmy baby, for example).

At some point I want to talk about how the trip to the hospital while in labor at 1:30am made me want to write to my city representatives about the conditions of the roads here in Los Angeles.


Pregnancy: Then And Now

I'm two days past my due date which means that the side order of Sweet Potato could come any time now. Or in a week. I think she is waiting for grandma to arrive at least. (Grandma arrives tonight.)

I had Kurt take a photo of me over last weekend. Kinda goofy, but it made me want to compare to when my mom was days away from having me:

MomBumpy1967 11-27Almost40Weeks














Look at us, so cute! Both of us about 9 months pregnant. (And yowza, that was almost 45 years ago!)

Can't wait for the Potato to meet Grandma!