Little Firsts

What's In A Name?

Harper - We both thought it was a sweet name, not overly girly, not so common (though Posh and Becks did name their recent baby Harper...hmmm). We are both huge fans of "To Kill A Mockingbird" which was written by Harper Lee. We are also both big fans of Harpo Marx. He's our favorite Marx Brother! It also means, quite clearly, one who plays the harp.

Murphy - Kurt found this name and we both like it. We considered it as a first name, but decided Harper was a bit better. In Irish, Murphy means "Sea warrior" and that was a nice bonus for me as I love the ocean so much, having grown up so close to it.

Kulia - I wanted to include a Hawaiian name, but nothing too long or confusing for haoles here on the mainland. Mom's friend Vicky, an expert in the Hawaiian language, found this definition: "A young, handsome person desired and sought after, a beauty." It can also mean, "oustanding, fortunate, lucky" and Harper is all those things! (Or wait, I think WE are!) Kulia is also Hawaiian for "Julia" and was the name of a favorite Auntie in our family.

Frey - This is the German word for "Free" spelled (we've been told by native German speakers) in the old way.

There you have it!