Pregnancy: Then And Now
Bittersweet Christmas Eve

Whew! Harper Arrived Beautifully!

Here's the TL/DR (look it up) version of how it all went down:
Monday 12/5: OB appointment at 41 weeks. All is well but we schedule an induction for the next day. That afternoon I go into labor on my own. 

Tuesday 12/6: We arrive at Cedars at 1:30am. I'm at 6cm and really frakin ready for that epidural. Much respect to natural birth moms. That was not going to be for me. Contractions continue, get the epi, get to 10cm, water broken around 8am, start pushing around 9. After 2 hours it is clear that Harper is not going to turn her head or drop down. She only moved 1-3mm down in two hours of pushing. We decide on C-section so that she does not go into distress. C-sections are weird experiences.

Harper was delivered at 12:52pm on December 6. 8 pounds, 6 ounces, 22" long.

We are well and at home and getting used to this new normal. Sometimes in the wee hours of the morning we feel like we are in a sitcom about new parents. There is lots of laughing amongst the trials of learning new skills (putting clothes and diapers on a squirmy baby, for example).

At some point I want to talk about how the trip to the hospital while in labor at 1:30am made me want to write to my city representatives about the conditions of the roads here in Los Angeles.