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Help A Mother Out - A Mother's Day Call To Action

As a new mom I am AMAZED at how many diapers Harper goes through in a day. Then I think about families who can't afford diapers and I wonder (and can't even imagine) what they must do to keep their babies clean and dry. The few diapers they have must be kept on those little bottoms for hours (days?) longer than is healthy. The babies suffer from diaper rash and potential illnesses from the unsanitary situation. Why do the babies have to bear the brunt? 

Diaper NEED Facts:
--1 in 3 families in the U.S. struggle to buy diapers for their children
--Most free/subsidized childcare programs require parents to provide disposable diapers
--You cannot use Food stamps or WIC for diapers
--For many families in crisis this can mean being forced to choose between buying diapers or other basic needs like shelter, food, and medicine.

So let's help those mothers out!


Help A Mother Out (HAMO), a non-profit dedicated to providing diapers for homeless and low income families, has launched a national Mother’s Day Call To Action with a goal to raise $30,000 to support the work to get diapers to families in need.

We need your help during April and May. Take action and support the campaign for diapers. Go to the HAMO donation page here at RAZOO and donate what you can. If nothing else, please help us spread the word about this important topic!

Tomorrow, Wednesday April 18, there will be a Twitter party at 10am (Pacific time) to discuss this month long fundraising and diaper drive. Join us for give-aways and fun stories and to help spread the word about this important cause. CLICK HERE for more info about the Twitter party.

Thanks for your support and for spreading the word. I'll be posting more info during this month long fund-raiser! Let's hit that $30,000 goal early and keep going well beyond it!