366/2012: Day 210 Relaxed
366/2012: Day 212 Leopard

366/2012: Day 211 Zermatt

Okay, so yesterday neither Kurt nor I took a photo. However, I had a few minutes break at work and for some reason was looking up info on Zermatt. In 1992 I was traveling and met up with old family friends who were in Zermatt to climb the Matterhorn. I joined them on a day hike to Hornli Hut which is base camp for those climbing all the way. From Zermatt center you take 2 funiculars to the base of the hike and then it's about a 3 hour walk up to the Hut. There you sit outside and have lunch (sausages I think) then walk back down. The day we went it looked something like this:


So while I did not take this picture (but these awesome people did), I'm calling it the picture of the day because I was having such a nice time remembering the hike and the lovely view of the mountains and especially the Matterhorn, I wanted to share.