366/2012: Day 205 Face
1 Month Comparisons - Me And Harper

Weigh-In Wednesday

Remember back in 2010 I started Weight Watchers with a goal to lose 30 pounds? Well I lost 25 pounds, gained 7 back, then got pregnant. When I got pregnant I was 182, then I gained 27 pounds. After Harper was born I lost that 27 right away plus another 5 or so. YES I KNOW HOW LUCKY I AM!! Totally stoked on that effortless weight loss.

So I've been hovering in the 175 range and have made it my plan to lose about 20 pounds. I officially started last week at 178. Today I weighed in at 175.6. My target # is 158.I want to lose this by Thanksgiving.

My challenges are -- getting used to much reduced eating after almost 8 months of breastfeeding! Did you know breastfeeding burns about 500 calories per day?? You don't even want to know the amount of ice cream I've consumed in the last year. SERIOUSLY, I LOVE ICE CREAM!

But back to some better eating and losing weight. Harper is only getting bigger and more mobile (not crawling yet but soon) and I need to get fitter! I also need to work out more regularly, but with a full time job that includes a commute to Hollywood, that's tought to fit in. I try to at least walk out to lunch (even if just picking something up) every day. That's a good 15 or 20 minutes total. Better than nothing.

I'll be checking back in every week and I'll be losing weight in a healthy way. And there will still be some ice cream from time to time!