366/2012: Day 219 HI
366/2012: Day 220

Weigh-In Wednesday

Weighed in at 174.7 today. Up .7 but I'm not surprised as it was Kurt's birthday over the weekend and we had two, count them TWO fancy dinners out. One with just the two of us (love that babysitter!) and then one with Harper and Kurt's mom on Sunday. I was pleased that I stayed relatively light the rest of the weekend, but man those dinners were big and YUMMY.

Not much exercise yet, just long walks on Saturday and Sunday. I haven't made time in my week days to work out, though I have made time in the wee small pre-dawn hours to get up and write again. (Script Frenzy!!) Writing feels really really really good. Really. Good. This week is lighter and I will continue to work within my plan. I already appreciate actually feeling hungry before meals rather than constantly full.