366/2012: Day 253 KACHOOOO!
366/2012: Day 254 B'fast

Of Earthquake Kits and Exercise

Sunday I spent the afternoon refreshing our earthquake kit. After two small earthquakes centered near Beverly Hills last week, I said, "Right, we've been putting it off long enough!" We have two big boxes, one full of canned foods (a variety of fruits, veggies, beans, Spagettios, Spam and soup) the other that is full of cooking pots, personal hygiene items, diapers, wipes, work gloves, tarps, flashlights, batteries, playing cards, etc etc.

I tossed all the expired canned food and went to Vons to restock. My cart was full of these canned items and I kept walking by this French mom and her two young kids (let's say 8 and 10). I was hoping they didn't look too closely at my cart because of what was in there.I was mortified to imagine me fitting into an American Stereotype - cart full of Spam and Spagettios. Oy.

What? People aren't paying attention to me at all times? Oh. Good to know.

There was another woman who I kept running into at Vons. She was an older Japanese lady who didn't speak English too clearly but well enough that I realized she was trying to get me to come to Jesus, or at least church. I ran into her THREE TIMES! By the last time I said, "You've talked to me three times now, thank you!" And she walked away. Maybe it was a sign from god that I was doing the right thing by filling my cart with Spam. Let's hope.

This morning I got up before dawn to exercise. With a full time job and baby, life is about making choices to get all the things done you want to get done. I need to exercise, I really really do. Walking on weekends is not nearly enough and Harper is only getting bigger and soon will be mobile! I have to be ready. The only time I can manage is from 5:15 to 6:00am. (She wakes up around 6:30.) So up I got today and put on my walking togs.

It was so lovely! The stars were shining bright, Orion greeted me as I made my way along the sidewalk. The neighborhood was really quiet and I was surprised. There were cars along the busy streets (National and Westwood) but none on the smaller streets. The only other people I saw was a woman standing in her driveway with her golf clubs waiting for a ride, the newspaper delivery people and a security guard at Trader Joe's talking to an employee there. But there were no other joggers or walkers at all that early. Even the planes landing at LAX were still flying in the opposite pattern (landing from the ocean side). Amazing.

The only thing that made me nervous was the threat of spiderwebs. Our neighborhood only has street lights near intersections so walking along the sidewalk with close bushes or trees can be frightening. I was awake enough to think clearly but not awake enough to want that sudden burst of adrenaline after running into a giant spider web. So sometimes I walked in the street instead of on the sidewalk. When I was on the sidewalk, I hoped that someone had already been there ahead of me, but I doubt it...the terrors of pre-dawn LA!

My plan is to walk two early mornings a week, plus the Saturday/Sunday walks when I take Harper for a stroll. I have to also do a lot of stretching as my flexibility has atrophied as well. Slow steps for now as I get back into it. But I know I'm going to feel great about it.