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Harper's First Music Class

Yesterday we went to Toddle Tunes for Harper's first music class. There were only two other kids there (normally there would have been about eight, but it was a quiet afternoon...) and it was quite fun. First they just put out a bunch of instruments to bang on while everyone is gathering and one of the teachers plays the piano. And it's loud and it's awesome.


THere are two teachers and one of htem starts out with a guitar and we sing some standard kid songs (Wheels on the bus, etc) and some not so standard kids songs: The Rolling Stones "Sympathy For The Devil". The kid tie-in is that they toss out stuffed animal owls and we all sing the "who who" part and play with the owls. (They do change the words a bit as well...)

Then another couple of songs and then they bring out other instruments -- a glockenspiel (not a xylophone because a xylophone as we learned yesterday is made of wood ('xyl" being the greek root for "wood") so a glock is made of metal.) And the big stand up bass. They play each instrument and the kids each get one then we sing "Doe a deer" and everyone (parents too) play the mini-glocks. Then they bring the big glockenspiel out as well as the bass into the play area the kids each get a turn playing them. For the bass, they lean it low so each kid can put one hand on the bass itself and their other hand on the bow as the teacher plays. It's LOUD! And Harper was better with the low key glockenspiel than the bass.


Here everyone got a turn putting their ear on the bass. But Harper was not quite ready...maybe next week. (we signed up for six weeks.)


But then at the end -- the best thing ever: BUBBLES! And more piano playing.


It was good to be out with others in an organized setting. Harper hasn't had much of that and I'm excited to get her out and experiencing a few new things.

Next week: Dance Class!