Excellent Break Up Songs

"The White House Is Big!"

It was a year of intense work, but I made it, we all made it. Here's the trailer for White House Down in case you haven't seen it yet. The movie comes out today:

I could not have survived without our amazing team. Most importantly? We laughed. A LOT. That got us through. Here are some highlights of what we laughed about. 99% of you reading this won't understand, but dammit, I had to put in all down so in future, we'll remember and laugh again.

--Martin! IT'S...YOUR...MOTHER!

--The Hobo Stays!



-- Ron Mexico

-- Hair needs to breath. Hair.

-- Ghostbusters, whaddya want??

-- I was in the MIDDLE of something, Ray!

-- Knell before Zod!

-- Chatum

-- You're a malfunction! (followed up closely by:)

-- Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!

-- Do you feel it? The connection?

-- "Also, Additionally"

-- I'm gonna MISS him!

-- Boba Fett?


and so many more that I can't remember right now...

This is random, but I am pleased with my creativity toward the end. Wrap gifts wrapped in the most convenient paper we had around:



Here I am on our very last day. Saturday (that's right, Saturday) June 1.



Champagne in the parking lot. Or the "Prison Yard" as we called it.

I hope the movie does well and I hope you all stay for the credits because all of those names (and many more that didn't make the cut) are people who worked their asses off. Oh and I hope you enjoy the movie too. It's fun. And the Visual Effects Kick Ass! Email after you see it and I'll surprise with what was real and what wasn't.