Music Class Continues

Aquarium Day!

We took Harper to the Aquarium of the Pacific yesterday. Her favorite spot of all was the splashy fountains. She just loves sprinklers and fountains and getting soaked. And she was soaked!




There aren't even any fish or animals in this little pool. It's part of the "Our LA Watershed" education section. Just a splashy pool to splash in! More fun for Harper.


We did actually see fish and seahorses and eels and lobsters. But she's 19 months so the attention span is short. We went to the penguins and they were cute.


And Harper liked standing next to the various statues. I love how she honks the beaks! But she did lean down and give a kiss to the little blue penguin statue. Sweet!




We went to the otter tank last and she seemed to enjoy them. Kurt was holding her and when a couple of otters swam by she made a big "oooooooh!!!!!!!!" Missed it with a camera, but damn it was cute.


Total time at Aquarium = about 75 minutes! But perfect. It was crowded and Harper is still young. Just grateful that the traffic was a snap. We got a family pass so we can pop down again for quick visits later on in the year. I want to go back soon!