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Catching Up With The Harpster

Okay, I've become that mom that only posts pictures about her daughter. Oh well. I find I have so many things I want to blog about but then there is so much other fun stuff to do! Music class, swimming lessons (see below) and meetings with high powered producers to discuss my scripts. Oh that last one is just me, BTW, Harper stayed home.

Though lately Harper seems to be needing to have meetings. This morning she brought all these things to breakfast. So we had a breakfast meeting. Really hard to get Tigger to sit still. But Tiggers *are* wonderful things.


Last night Harper helped at TJ's. She always wants to lift the milk.


And today was FIRST SWIMMING LESSON! So exciting. She cried (I had to stand behind the one way glass door so she would focus on the teacher). It was tough but then Harper is amazing. She hardly cries. She would get a big sad face and cry a little but then look up at the inflatable dolls and point and reach for them. What a nice girl. Can't wait for more lessons. We'll go back and practice on our own later this week. The little swim cap just slays me. Thomas is a wonderful teacher.