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Music Class Continues

We've been to three classes now and Harper is getting better at jumping in. In the previous classes when they bring out the instruments for the kids to play with the teachers, she is not interested in getting close. this last class she did actually touch the snare on the snare drum that the teacher held! Maybe she just likes the drums best...maybe I have a Tre Cool on my hands. Awesome.


No matter what, Harper likes the bubbles that end each class. It's the first thing she points to every time we walk in.


Last week we played the keytar (!!!!!!) and the electric bass guitar. I couldn't get a good picture of the keytar, sadly, but I did want so much for Harper to brave trying the bass so that I could show Dor how Harper is a girl after Dor's own heart, but no luck. This is as close as we got:


By the way, this particular model of guitar? "Destroyer". HA!