Back To School Indeed
And We Are Back With Weigh-In Wednesdays - The FAST Edition!

Catching Up On The Summer Fun

August has been busy and mostly good fun. Swimming continues and I'm amazed at how after five weeks of lessons (one lesson and one practice each week) Harper is more and more comfortable in the water and doesn't grab for me hardly at all. She still wears floaties and fins, and is getting better and better with the kicking and paddling. Plus just seeing her in that cap kills me every time!


Every time I put her sunsuit on I call it her Elvis suit.


I love this picture that Kurt took as the girl next to us was so funny and chatty. I'm making a Jen face for sure.


Harper also helps us fold laundry, yet she was stalled in her folding one day to put my undies on her head.(Yes, they were clean!)


But with that face, it is hard to complain. That FACE!


And just a thought -- these toys should probably not be sold or given to households with those that suffer from combat related PTSD...just sayin.


We got an old chair recovered. I've never done that before and the guy we were referred to was awesome. Cheap, cheerful and FAST! With pick up and delivery.

Here is Before:
ChairBefore1 Chairbefore2

And now After:

ChairAfter1 ChairAfter2

We were going to get a brighter, bolder pattern, but then Kurt brilliantly remembered that we have an almost we opted for darker for now.

We've tried some kite flying, though it's been challenging due to lack of wind. Most times this is how we look:


But last weekend we got lucky with a few stronger gusts:

(Harper also loves her sunscreen bottle.)

I was trying to figure out why in the world I remember kite flying being so easy as a kid. Then it dawned on me that, um duh, I grew up where the weather report said "Tradewinds 10-15 mph" EVERY DAY. Much more helpful for kite flying than LA where you barely get 6mph.

Speaking of Hawai'i:


And the sunflowers are starting to bloom and that always makes me happy.


And finally, the fork. A new tool in Harper's eating arsinal. (Note the right hand in ballast position.)


She hasn't fully decided if she's a lefty or a righty, but it is leaning righty...