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Fall In Los Angeles

At the Aquarium

We bought a membership to the Aquarium of the Pacific in the July. We waited until today to back again -- less crowded, much cooler! Harper is still not quite as into the animals as we are, but it's a place to run about. Mostly her favorite thing at the Aquarium is to push her stroller. To be fair, that's her favorite thing anywhere we go.*


One of these days she'll be excited by these cuties.


We went to see the birds there, the Lorikeets. That was fun--you buy a little cup of nectar and they come eat out of the cup and hang out on your arms. Harper seemed to like the birds up close.



We only stayed a short time, then came home for nap time. The beauty of the membership is easy in/easy out. We'll be going back again soon I'm sure.

*I'd like to open a business which is simply a big open space (indoors with AC or outdoors with a big cover) and you charge parents with toddlers to come and push their own strollers. That's it. You could get fancy with a track they could follow, or just a free for all space. Or both! Why I'm not actually looking into this is beyond me...we could franchise it...