Hopscotching Harper
Weigh in Wednesday on Thursday -- STOKED!

Thoughts On Harper

We bought an angel food cake and Harper loves it. I give her little chunks to eat and the other day, I swear to god, she shoved a piece in her mouth not unlike Bill Murray in Groundhog Day

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I actually laughed out loud watching her use her sweet tiny fingers to push the cake in bit by bit.


Harper loves to yell "COCK!" And it's not about chickens.

Let me explain.

We like to play with sidewalk chalk and she hadn't played with in a while so I said, "Do you want to go outside and play with chalk?" "COCK!" she said, over and over. Then we went outside and she kept saying it. "COCK!" "COCK!"

Oh, it's funny.


When I give her bananas for breakfast, I usually cut about 1/4 of the banana off and start to open the peel. Then I hand it to her to do the rest. With a cereal bar, I'll open the package a little and hand it over so she can tear it into. This always makes me feel like I'm on a show about animals in zoos and how we, as the animal keepers, have to provide enrichment to the meals to keep the animals occupied and happy.


Lastly, she's had a cold this week and the other morning at 4am, she was crying and fussy and not sleeping, poor thing. I brought her into bed and nothing would console her. "Do you want milk?" Shakes her head. "Juice?" Shakes her head. "Papa?" Shakes her head. She keeps crying and I'm holding her and say, "What do you want?" And she stops long enough to say "TV?"

Oh dear.

We indulge in a bit of tv now and then, but not at 4am, no matter how cranky she is! But damn it was cute. "TV?"