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Much Needed Inspiration from Seth Godin

This was in my email on Sunday. This is all true and speaks to me directly. I care and I believe and I have to work every day to get over my fear and keep moving forward with my goals.


The first lie...

is that you're going to need far more talent than you were born with.

The second lie is that the people who are leading in the new connection economy got there because they have something you don't.

The third lie is that you have to be chosen.

The fourth lie is that we're not afraid.

We're afraid.

Afraid to lead, to make a ruckus, to convene. Afraid to be vulnerable, to be called out, to be seen as a fraud.

The connection economy isn't based on steel or rails or buildings. It's built on trust and hope and passion.

The future belongs to those that care and those that believe.


Thank you very much Mr. Godin!